The optometrists at Developmental Vision Center use some of the latest technology available to aid in diagnosis and treatment of visual deficiencies. The ReadAlyzer and Computer Orthoptics Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System, used in conjunction with traditional visual therapy evaluation, increase the reliability in diagnosis of visual deficiencies.


The ReadAlyzer is an eye movement recording system that analyzes the patients reading skill. In a few minutes the ReadAlyzer objectively measures fixation, reading speed, grade level equivalent, and non-coordinated eye movements. These measurements allow the optometrist to evaluate reading skill, monitor reading skill development, and discover visual functional problems.

This medically approved device assists us in accurately recording eye movements during reading, and assesses reading fluency while isolating reading problem. The instrument works by recording how the eyes focus, how they move, how long they stop on each word, how accurately they jump from place to place and how the reader is able to piece together the story in sequence to provide understanding and comprehension. Each age group has statistically measured expected rates of performance which helps gauge not only accepted reading rates but also comprehension, which is often a neglected part of reading skills stressed Fine.

Computer Orthoptics Liquid Crystal
Automated Vision Therapy System

The Computer Orthopics Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System is an interactive tool that our doctors use to aid in diagnosis and treatment of many ocular problems.

Computer Orthoptics includes complex stimuli, which allow automatic testing and measurement of eye movements, fixation, suppression, visual memory and depth perception.

The therapy is effective for eliminating amblyopia, breaking eye suppressions, improving eye tracking; improving fixation skills, improving visual memory, and treating strabismus

vision Therapy/ Training is effective for:

  • Treating amblyopia
  • Breaking suppressions
  • Improving ocular motor skills
  • Improving visual memory
  • Improving accommodative facility
  • Altering retinal correspondence
  • Increasing fusional ranges
  • Treating strabismus

Never before has vision therapy been so precise. The gamepad and mouse allow the patient's therapy responses to alter the target demands. The Orthoptics™ graphics are instantly moved, rotated or changed to create any base-in base-out disparity.


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  • "My husband has been a client for 18 years and I recently had my first appointment. I can tell why he has been going there so long. The staff is very friendly and was extremely helpful in helping narrow down the many choices for new glasses. My Dr. took the time to explain and answer the many questions that I had... Love this Office and staff!"
    Robin W. H.