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This is a great place to buy glasses. The team there is very friendly and provide impeccable service. Highly recommended!
1 month ago
- J S.
Great personalized care
2 months ago
- Mary A.
The staff is amazing! They are patient, helpful, and knowledgeable! Dr.Chula is an answered prayer! After 9 years and 3 Drs, we were told nothing more we could do to help our daughter see and drive in the future. Dr.Chula provided our daughter with improved vision from a corrected script of 20/40 to 20/25 and gave her depth perception and the ability to see details for the first time in her life! Not only is Dr. Chula amazing at what she does, she cares about the whole person she is treating and providing the best results for them to be successful in all settings!
3 months ago
- Brittany R.
Very good results. I feel like my old self. Good mood, not stressed or anxious or in a fog. Walking to bed in the dark: no longer off balance in total darkness. Getting out of bed was sitting on the edge for a moment before standing up. Now feel I can just “bounce out of bed”. Have not had any dizzy episodes (previously approximately 1 second each) Riding in car: can “lean into the curves” which is something I could not do previously; ups and downs and switchbacks no longer bother me. Bridges: can focus on the scenery and looking over the edge, not panicked about the road and drivers and edges. Stairs: do not need the railing as extra sensory input. Bending over is easier for shower, toenails and grooming; much less anxiety. Feeling very alert during the day, motivated to do stuff and projects. Good improvement.
4 months ago
- Diane A.
Amazing staff amazing doctors! Provider always takes his time does not rush and the ladies up front are super nice!
5 months ago
- Melissa T.
Dr Chula is amazing! Thank you!
5 months ago
- Bre T.
Dr. Vasana and the team were great and spent the time to explain and show results which I appreciated the most! Definitely found our family eye doctor.
6 months ago
- Crystal S.